• This. is. HUGE!

    The Long-Awaited WageCan Card is Back!

  • Now! WageCan is launching the cutting-edge “WageCan Wiser Card” with more multifunctional features to fully meet users’ needs. It gives you the power to use crypto in real life to break down barriers anytime and anywhere.

  • Premium Features of WageCan Wiser Card

    • No annual fee

    • Up to USD 100k balance

    • No credit check needed

    • Accept BTC, USDC, and USDT topup into WageCan Wiser Card

    • Local currency-based payments available

    • 2X the limits for daily transactions and ATM withdrawals if you have 2 Wiser Cards

    • International shipping service

    • Accepted by 55+ million merchants worldwide

    • Smoothly used in 180 countries and regions worldwide

    • Integrate into WageCan HR & Payroll system

  • How to get the card?

    Step 1

    Get Promo Code

    Get it at the events in which WageCan participates. (If you are already a WageCan user, you will receive an e-newsletter containing the promo code sent by WageCan.)

    Step 2

    Register or Log in

    Complete the registration process and activate your WageCan account. 

    Step 3

    Get Your Card

    Log into WageCan account to order your card.